Fiberglass Dog Houses

$170.00$210.00 WV tax

I have been looking for these dog houses forever and finally am able to share them with customers.

These dog houses are made of solid white fiberglass, which reflects the sun and keeps the interior cooler in the summer. The top, bottom, and sides are insulated with fiberglass, providing additional protection from the elements. The roof of the dog house is slanted two inches towards the back to prevent water from entering and causing discomfort to the dog. Additionally, the roof is hinged, making it easy to clean, add extra ventilation, or simply take a peek at the puppies inside.


Fiberglass Dog Houses

These dog houses are white solid fiberglass.

Dog Houses are White to reflect the sun and stays cooler in the summer.

fiberglass insulates the top, bottom and sides of the dog house!

the dog house roof has a two inch slant to the back – helps keep the dog dry

the roof is hinged for easy cleaning or extra ventilation or at times to look at the puppies.

Additional information

dog house size

24*24, 32*36, 40*40