Spill-Proof Buddy Bowl

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The Spill-Proof Buddy Bowl
by Great American Spillproof Products.

A 2 quart or 4-quart spill-proof & splash-proof pet water bowl.
Used by Police & Military K-9s, Hunting Dogs, Show & Agility Dogs everywhere!

What is the Spill-Proof Buddy Bowl? It is a tough plastic water bowl that when turned upside down they will not spill the water. These use no moving parts to work a simple engineering design creates a reservoir where the water goes when tipped.

Dogs have NO problem drinking from the Spill-Proof Buddy Bowl

Dogs actually LOVE it because water does not go up their nose.

You LOVE it because there is less mess.


The Spill-Proof Buddy Bowl also acts as a child-proofing aid.  They may still be able to splash around a little bit, as small hands do, but you do not have a swamp in your house.  Also, prevents accidental drownings as they cannot go face first down in the water.

Disclosure from Inventor: Charles Pelsor (Bud) who invented the new spillproof design that really works:  As close as you can get to spill-proof! Under certain circumstances, you will be able to get some water out of it. But you have to work hard at it. Hope you don’t hold this against us and enjoy the benefits of the “Buddy Bowl” especially compared to an open pan of water.  Thank you.  : ) Bud

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