Dog Bloom M-121

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Dog Bloom M-121 is a special formula that is designed to provide extra calcium, phosphorus, and other essential minerals during periods of high demand. It is particularly beneficial for pregnant or lactating female dogs, as well as for puppies and growing dogs. By providing the necessary nutrients, Dog Bloom M-121 helps to produce larger and stronger litters, and ensures a good flow of milk for the nursing mother. It is also essential for building strong bones, healthy feet, and teeth in young dogs. For best results, it is recommended to use Dog Bloom M-121 in combination with either Dog Bloom Super VM Supreme or DOG BLOOM VM250. These products provide the necessary vitamins that enable Dog Bloom M-121 to work effectively.


Dog Bloom M-121

Dog Bloom M-121 is specially formulated for use during periods of extra heavy demands for calcium, phosphorus, and other minerals such as:

  • Pregnant and lactating bitches.
  • Pups and growing dogs to maturity.

Dog Bloom M-121 helps produce larger, stronger litters and a good flow of milk from the bitches and is essential to help build strong bones, good feet, and teeth in pups and growing dogs to maturity.

Important Factors For Use
When using this product, always use it in combination with Dog Bloom Super VM Supreme or DOG BLOOM VM250. They provide the vitamins that make Dog Bloom M-121 work.

Dog Bloom M-121

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