Dog Forte

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DOG FORTE (Formerly distributed by Black Gold) is formulated and manufactured by Dawe’s Laboratories




DOG FORTE™ (Formerly distributed by Black Gold) is an extremely palatable high-protein, high-energy supplement (sports drink for dogs). It  has the levels of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and beneficial gut bacteria a dog needs to perform at their best.

Dog Forte is for dogs that don’t travel well and tend  to go off food and water.

Being extremely palatable, DOG FORTE is an excellent attractant. It helps to promote water consumption in animals that might otherwise be too nervous, sick or too tired to drink. It was originally designed for working and sports dogs just before or after a workout, to provide a nutrient boost and to stimulate hydration. These same features benefit sick and convalescent animals.

DOG FORTE is versatile and convenient.

The dry powder is mixed at 1 to 3 ounces per pint of water like a sports drink or gravy, or it can also be sprinkled directly onto wet or dry food.

Every ingredient has been selected for digestibility and taste. There’s no added filler and nothing indigestible. DOG FORTE is all food:

  • The concentrated protein digests provide rapidly available protein amino acids for muscle recovery.
  • DOG FORTE’s completely digestible carbohydrates provides immediate energy, while Dog Forte’s entirely digestible fat supplies a more slowly utilized source of energy and omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Potassium and sodium electrolytes are specifically balanced for canine requirements to help replace those critical elements lost during high activity and stress.
  • Fortified with fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins, including those most crucial for anti-oxidant and anti-stress activity (vitamins C and E).
  • The trace minerals are selected from sulfate and proteinate sources, for better absorption
  • Beneficial bacteria and brewers yeast are added to help maintain normal gut microflora that improve digestion and aid in minimizing excess gas.

DOG FORTE (Formerly distributed by Black Gold) is formulated and manufactured by Dawe’s Laboratories: For 78 years, the most experienced specialist in worldwide animal nutrition. Only the highest quality nutrients are used in DOG FORTE, and only at levels and in ratios right for the task. There’s no gimmick in DOG FORTE, just good  solid nutrition.

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