Happy Jack Milkade

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Happy Jack Milkade

Happy Jack Milkade proven on females that had never raised a pup due to poisonous acidity or lack of milk, and that other alkalies and mineral-vitamin supplements did not correct. Just place in food 4-5 days before bitch whelps and ten days thereafter. Contains five proven ingredients to aid the female in providing a clean, healthy quantity of milk.

Happy Jack Milkade Helps

  • neutralize milk acidity.
  • milk production.
  • with energy.
  • keep weight on the mother.


Mix the full contents of this bottle with one (1) pint of water. Stir until dissolved. Give one tablespoon twice daily in food or by mouth, beginning 4 or 5 days before whelping and for about 10 days thereafter. Then decrease dosage gradually until pups are weaned.