Pathfinder 2 Mini Collar

$269.99 WV tax

Explore more with you dogs on all outdoor activities from hiking to hunting with the newest GPS Dog Tracking and Training System. The new Dogtra PATHFINDER2 is a complete GPS tracking and training system featuring a newly redesigned FREE real time tracking and training app, tracking up to 21 dogs within a 9-mile range.* The new PATHFINDER2 system features the latest in dog tracking collars equipped with E-Collar training functions now including a LED Locate Light and Pager Vibration. The new GPS Connector is designed with a new E-Collar Function button for quicker response.

New features include: GPS Connector E-Collar Function button, Pager Vibration, LED Locate Light and a new PATHFINDER2 app with more features.


Pathfinder 2 Mini Extra Collar

Additional GPS Collar for the expandable PATHFINDER2 MINI tracking and training system. Available in colors Green and Black. Also compatible with Pathfinder 2.

(NOTE: not compatible with Pathfinder, Pathfinder Mini (PathMini), Pathfinder Special Edition (PathSE), Pathfinder TRX (PathTRX)


  • Model: Path2Mini-RX
  • Manufactured by: Dogtra

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