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  • SportDOG TEK SeriesBuy Now

    SportDOG TEK Series

    coming soon!  
  • Long Contact PointsBuy Now

    Long Contact Points

    $10.99 WV tax
  • SportDOG Car ChargerBuy Now

    SportDOG Car Charger

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  • SportDog Charging CradleBuy Now

    SportDog Charging Cradle

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  • SportDOG Yard TrainersChoose Options

    SportDOG Yard Trainers

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  • SportHunter 1225Choose Options

    SportHunter 1225

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  • ProHunter 2525 Extra CollarsBuy Now

    ProHunter 2525 Extra Collars

    $139.95 WV tax
  • Hound Hunter Extra CollarsBuy Now

    Hound Hunter Extra Collars

    $139.95 WV tax
    It's the ideal with multiple dogs.
  • SportHunter 1825Choose Options

    SportHunter 1825

    $139.95$289.95 WV tax
  • SportHunter Add A Dog CollarBuy Now

    SportHunter Add A Dog Collar

    $139.95 WV tax
  • ProHunter 2525Choose Options

    ProHunter 2525

    $139.99$299.99 WV tax
  • HoundHunterChoose Options


    $139.99$329.95 WV tax

Showing all 12 results

SportDog Dog Training Systems
We really are just like you and your buddies: Obsessed with training dogs and dog hunting.
The SportDOG Brand® TEK series provides tracking and training versatility like you’ve never had before. The compact handheld device provides an instant fix on up to 12 (TEK 1.5) or 21 (TEK 2.0) dogs’ locations all the way out to 7 miles (TEK 1.5) or 10 miles (TEK 2.0), lets you set multiple waypoints, and even tells you when a dog is on point or treed. You can keep control of a long chase, keep track of where that chase is going, or do both at the same time. Whether the game is upland birds, bear, or anything in between, you’re always in the hunt when you track with the TEK!