Easy Loader Deuce

$348.00 WV tax

Easy Loader measurments


Easy Loader Deuce
Two Compartment Dog Box for trucks, SUV’s. ATV’s

Deuce  38″ wide, 27″ deep, 21″ tall.

The Deuce is the second dog kennel produced by Custom Molding Services, Inc. It is designed to be used in smaller pickups and SUVs and is highly versatile for use on UTVs and ATVs

Easy Loader Deuce Two Dog Box features Rugged maintenance-free construction, Made of a UV-protected polymer.

Lightweight (approx 35#), Molded handles with a .250″ solid stainless steel bar stock, 1″ X 1″ welded wire mesh doors with a .250″ perimeter wire.

Easy Loader Deuce Two Dog Box fits all smaller size pickups and smaller SUVs two spring-loaded latches and powder coat finish, Upper & lower halves nest for storage, will fit between the fender wells of all full-size pickups measurements are  small-size pickups
The divider can be removed to make this, one very large dog box.
We carry this dog box because of its high quality and it is much less expensive than many others and it is lightweight so one person can load or unload it easily.
This dog box is also known as the “Easy Loader”. The “Deuce” is the same with a different footprint and dimensions.

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