Easy Loader Dog Boxes

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  • Dog Box Door CoversBuy Now

    Dog Box Door Covers

    $28.00 WV tax
  • Easy Loader Two Dog BoxBuy Now

    Easy Loader Two Dog Box

    $300.00 WV tax
    The Orginal 48" wide, 28" deep, 21" tall
  • Easy Loader DeuceBuy Now

    Easy Loader Deuce

    $300.00 WV tax
    Duece  38" wide, 27" deep, 21" tall.

Showing all 3 results

Easy Loader Two Compartment Dog Boxes for trucks, SUV’s. ATV.
These hunting dog boxes are designed to be used in smaller pickups and SUVs. They are also highly versatile for use on UTVs and ATVs. These easy loading lightweight (approx 35#) dog boxes feature rugged maintenance-free construction with a UV-protected polymer and are available in 2 different footprints.