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 Pressure Treated Single KennelsBuilding Pressure Treated Single Kennels For Sale

Pressure Treated Kennels for sale like the ones that I use myself for $375.00 picked up here this also includes a Water Bucket on a Hinged opening for easy cleaning, also will build Whelpers for $450.00.


Will build something special if wanted.

Here are the specs on the Single Kennels;
Total Width and Length; 3 foot Wide X 8 foot Long X 30 inches Tall
Dog House on end is 3 foot Wide X 2 Feet Deep has a wind break in House for protection and Lid is hinged to open;
Kennel is 3 feet Wide X 5 Feet long and 30 inches Tall
All the wire is Vinyl Coated 12 Gauge and the floor has 1.5" X 1.5" sguares so the manure can go thru, all the Rings used to Ring together is with Stainless Steel Rings, and all the frame is screwed together. The Plywood for the Dog House is Pressure Treated and the Frame is made out of Pressure Treated 2 X 4's.
Whelper is built on the same manner except that Whelper Box is 3 Feet Wide X 30" Deep and has a Bumper guard inside.

 Pressure Treated Single Kennels eisenhut  am also getting ready to build Single Large Kennel for Coon Hounds, will give a price after I build my first one which will be soon.  Size will be Total Width and Length; 4 feet Wide X 10 Feet long X 4 Feet Tall

STANDARD SINGLE RUN $375.00 with Hinged Water Bucket on Front    $350.00 without Water Bucket    Run; Height 30 inches X Width 36 inches X Length 5 feet    Flooring; 1.5 inches X 1.5 inches 12 Gauge Vinyl Coated Wire    Walls; 1.5 inches X 1.5 inches 12 Gauge Vinyl Coated Wire    Dog Box; 3 Feet wide X 2 feet deep Height 23 inches Hinged Lid on Box    Overall Dimensions; 3 Feet Wide X 8 Feet Long    Legs; 2 Feet off the ground Standard Pressure Treated Single Kennels


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