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Innotek's No Bark Collars

Innotek's No-Bark Collars deliver a safe, instant message that barking is off-limits. Controlling your dog's barking has never been safer or easier. The No-Bark Collar is also safe to use around other animals because the stimulus can be activated only by the bark of the dog wearing the collar. All Innotek No-Bark Collars come with a one year warranty. .

BC-200 No-Bark Collar $99.95

The World's SMALLEST Bark-Control Collar!!!
At only two ounces, compact takes on a whole new meaning. The receiver is rugged and 100% waterproof, so it can be used indoors or out and on any dog. This new generation of bark-control products requires no external vibration sensor - all working parts are housed inside the rugged case. Despite its small size, the BC-200 includes all of the features that have made Innotek bark-control products the industry standard - including 7 stimulation levels to match any dog's temperament and 4 sensitivity levels. This system also includes a FREE instructional video.

BC-50B No-Bark Collar $59.99

The battery replaceable BC-50B delivers the safe, instant message that barking is off limits. With 7 adjustable stimulation levels, you can tailor the correction to any dog's temperament. The vibration probe is adjustable for sensitivity, and there is a three-second "relaxation break" between corrections to help your dog learn. This system offers a safe, affordable bark control with a water-resistant collar/receiver that operates on a user-replaceable 6-volt battery (included). This system can be used indoors or out.



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