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GizzMo Vest for Garmin AstroCase is MADE IN THE USA by GizzMoVest LLC. This case provides the ease-of-use of a holster but the protection remains intact while in-use. An extremely rugged, all custom-molded case, provides an easily-gripped textured rubber surface for all kinds of weather. The outer surface sheds dirt easily. This clamshell case hinges at the bottom. This 'Living hinge' contains a layer of Polyethylene, to withstand many openings and very rough use. Backed by the manufacturer's 3-Yr. warranty against defects and workmanship. The buttons and screen become deeply recessed to protect them. This case DOES NOT float. The Lanyard with safety clip enables the device to be held securely. Includes a removable Metal Belt Clip

Astro 320 Gizmo Case  Price: $26.95  Qty:  

portable long-range antenna.

Portable Long-Range Antenna List Price: $69.99 This is a portable long-range antenna. This antenna is an optional accessory which will allow users to extend the range of their receiver by up to 3 miles.


DC-30 Replacement Collars

Magnetic Mount Antenna 
Extend your tracking range when hunting from your vehicle. This powerful remote antenna magnetically mounts to your vehicle and connects to the Astro 220 handheld so you can track your dogs with Astro while driving

MagMount  $39.00 Qty:    


Garmin DC30 Repalcement collar

DC-30 Replacement Collars
Price: $10.00 Qty: Size: Color:

Garmin DC 30 or DC 40 Replacement Battery
Price: $35.00 Qty:

Garmin Split Charger Adapter Cable
Price: $12.00 Qty:

Garmin DC 50 Replacement Battery
Price: $37.00 Qty:

Replacement Battery for the T5 collar

Replacement Battery Garmin T 5
Price: $35.00 Qty:

Charging Clip with Cable for Garmin T 5 or TT 15 Collar
Price: $14.99 Qty:

Garmin Collar Vehicle Power Cable
Price: $22.00 Qty:

Replacement AC Adapter
Price: $20.00 Qty:

Garmin AC Adapter Cable
Price: $21.99 Qty:

Garmin Standard Replacement VHF Antenna for T 5 Price: $18.00 Qty:

Garmin Long Range VHF Antenna for T 5
Price: $20.00 Qty:

Garmin Long Range VHF Antenna for DC 50
Price: $20.00 Qty:

Tuff Skin Antenna for Garmin DC 30 or 40 Collar
Price: $12.00 Qty:

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