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 coon candy coon potion
coon potion coon candyCoon Potion Baits

Coon Potion is a concentrate made to mix with corn or your other feed of choice. It is super sweet and possesses unique smells to lure the coon in and keep them around your feeders.

$18.99    Qt:   Flavor:

It is available in four different flavors and is a very effective attractant and bait for raccoons. Coon Potion is super sweet and possesses unique smells to draw coon in and keep them around your feeders and drawing bait stations.

Coon Potion is excellent for houndsmen for use in feeders and for trappers at bait stations. One packet is enough to mix with 50 lbs. of corn or other feed of your choice. The quart tub will handle 900 lbs. of corn or other feed of your choice. The 2 gallon bucket will handle 7,200 lbs. of corn or other feed of your choice.

This product is fantastic for use at tire feeders. Tire feeders are very easy to make. Simply take any sized tire on the rim and drill 1 1/2" holes in it along the tire wall with a hole saw. Coon Potion used with this feeder has a ton of advantages:

Limits coons to smaller feed portions causing them to stay at your feeder longer.
Limits feeding to mainly coon only as other game can't reach in far enough to pull Coon Potion & corn mix out.
Can be put in fields or away from trees forcing coons to run and leave tracks.
Saves you money by eliminating waste and excess feeding.
Using the different types you can switch up the smell and flavor of your feed. This will keep them coming back instead of getting tired of it and switching to other feed sources.
The secret of Coon Potion is the odor. You have got to smell this stuff!

bear potion bear candy bear bait
coming soon!

Bear Potion Bait

Bear Potion Bait has a sweet, irresistible Berries & Honey odor that draws bears in from long distances and keeps them coming back. Bear Potion is a concentrate that turns shelled corn into Candy Corn. Mix 1/4 cup with 50 lbs. of shelled corn or your other feed of choice.


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